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Keroka Technical Training Institute is committed to quality through technical training, research and innovative works; fostering scientific and technological culture that bridges theory and practical, producing holistic graduates prepared for life and purpose, service and leadership.


Our departments have courses and modular skill training offered by qualified Staff in response to changing technology, job market and career needs. This is done through harmoniously imparting technology (theory) and practical training.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Since the department was established it has always endeavored to establish courses which are on high demand in the labor market. The courses offered in the department are market driven and it has grown and expanded in terms of courses and the enrolment of students over the years since its inception.

Mechanical Engineering


The Department of Mechanical Engineering opened its doors to students after the inception of the Institute. Since then, it has continued to train students in various courses and has grown both in infrastructure, staff and student population.

Building and Civil Engineering


The Department of Building & Civil Engineering has continued expanding and becoming popular. The department started with an enrolment of nine students taking Diploma in Civil Engineering.

Institutional Management


The Hospitality Industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the Kenyan economy. The food and beverage managers run hotels, restaurant facilities and hospitality sections.

ICT & Computer Studies


The department was established in the year 2008 to equip trainees with ICT skills in various programming languages, system analysis  and design, database management system, networking  computer applications. The department endeavors  to extend its services to  all trainees and trainers in college.

Business & Entrepreneurship Studies


Since its establishment,the Business Studies Department has continued to offer quality services to its clients. The department is guided by the philosophy of provision of quality good customer relationship.

Library Sciences


The Department aims to be a center of excellence in the training of information science professionals by providing high quality education through teaching and research that is innovative, creative and is based on sound moral values.

Applied Science


Applied Sciences is a discipline of sciences that applies existing scientifi knowledge to develop more practical applications such as technology or invention:.

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