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Message From the Industrial Liaison Attachment

Welcome to the Industrial Liaison Department headed by the Industrial Officer; Joan K. Nyachiro. This department coordinates all industry linkages activities. It is of essence to note that, TVET programs cannot be effective without the element of industry exposure of the trainees. Therefore the main purpose of Industrial attachment is to expose the trainees to the application skills they have learnt in their trade theory in real practice and also to the world of work and the ethics thereof. Industrial attachment is a vital component and a course requirement and thus each trainee should get attached to an industry, firm or company that utilizes the skills learnt. Subsequently, Industrial attachment purposes that trainees who have been exposed to attachment should; a) Demonstrate problem solving skills b) Exhibit practical competence in their trade areas c) Show appropriate attitude and social skills d) Practice appropriate work ethics and culture Moreover, the Industrial Liaison officer should;
a) Prepare a comprehensive record of all students proceeding for attachment at any given period.
b) Confirm all the trainees proceeding for attachment are insured.
c) Solicit for attachment places for trainees proceeding for attachment.
d) Ascertain that trainees proceeding for attachment have the necessary materials.
e) Schedule the assessment of the trainees on attachment in liaison with departmental heads.