Ketti Profile

Keroka Technical Training institute is a dynamic and progressive educational institution that aims to provide the best possible education to all students. Our main objective is to inspire minds, empower students and to ensure that each student leaves our College with the ability to enter the world of work. We are uniquely located in the heart of Keroka Town where it is accessible to all amenities such as food chain stores, businesses, retail stores and various avenues of public transport. Our College is well equipped with first rate facilities and is an innovative learning hub providing students with access to Student support, workshops, tutorial rooms, study areas and excellent learning facilities. In addition to excellent study facilities, we provide an environment that facilitates the creation of lifelong friendships. In the Hospitality Department we have state of the art kitchens where theory taught in class is put into practice. We would like to see ourselves as the home of Electrical,mechanical and civil engineering serving the whole world and inspiring hope to every student that comes and leaves KETTI.

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